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It All Begins With A Phone Call.

Good design doesn’t date. – Harry Seidler

Our Proven Process


Tell me about you. I want to know about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and what desired effect you’re after.


Often this is done at the initial meeting, though additional visits for consideration of trades are required. 


We then draw up a floor plan to delineate furniture placement, lighting schemes, and room flow.  


Based on way the space should function and desired aesthetic, a design concept is created and presented.


We source and order furniture, fabric, wallpaper, tile, hardware, fixtures, window treatments, and accessories.


Your space gets transformed while you’re away. Upon return, it’s to a space that functions better for your life and reflects who you are.

Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

After fifteen years and dozens of clients, these are the most common questions we receive.

How much will my project cost?

An important question! Of course, much depends on the scope of the project, but also what one is willing to invest. The short answer? Expect a minimum of about $30,000 for a small to medium sized room; if we use high end, top quality materials, original art, fabulous accessories – it can easily be many a multiple of that number.

The long answer: After a discovery call, the first step is an on site consultation. This takes 1-2 hours and allows us to better understand what the project entails: is it one room from scratch? Several spaces where we may be revamping a fireplace here, adding wallpaper there, updating lighting throughout? This meeting also helps us get a better feel for what tier of furnishings our client requires from what we call our “Good/Better/Best” categories. Based on the initial consult and discovery call, you will receive a Project Brief that outlines the scope, the aesthetic and design direction, and an estimated Furnishings Investment cost and Design Fees. We arrive at this number based upon the quantity of items we need to source, any challenges anticipated in working around existing furniture or architecture, and the quality of furnishings. Hiring us gives you the value of our expertise: we advise you on what’s splurge worthy, and where we can get away with an inexpensive piece.

How much time does the typical project take?

From the initial consultation to the presentation of a detailed design plan is usually about eight to ten weeks. 

Kickoff: Initial Consultation
+ 1 week: Deliver the Project Brief and estimated budget; contract signed and deposit against design fee
+ 3-4 weeks: Floorplan meeting, to include preliminary moodboard for design direction
+ 4 weeks: Detailed design where we select the pieces that bring it to life

Once the design is approved we move into purchasing and expediting. Installation is the final and most exciting part. In the good ol’ pre-supply chain issue days, we could predict installation dates; the unfortunate reality is there are far too many factors at play to accurately make any predictions right now. We have become pretty adept at sourcing in-stock items, and knowing which custom upholstery lines have the best lead times. The end result is your home reflects your lifestyle, functions as you need it to, and hopefully brings you pleasure.

Will I see the value of working with a professional interior designer?

Design is part problem solving (optimizing the functional flow of a home), part puzzle (space planning, tile layouts, proportion), and part an artful and emotional expression of one’s taste. Even if you have amazing taste, an innate sense of scale, and a great eye for detail, you also need time to focus on the hundreds of decisions that create a fully conceived space. Pulling it all together can take years of experience. Our full-service approach is hands-on and driven by our on-site presence (in addition to furniture sourcing and window treatments, we handle sourcing and hanging artwork, having photos and objects framed, culling through your accessories and supplementing as needed).

Most people know a few furniture stores to visit in person, but there are an endless supply of online options. But where do you go for a couch in the style you want, with confidence it will be comfortable,  and you’ve selected the right fabric that will stand up to the wear and tear that kids and Bart the dog can throw at it? We know the answer, having spent the better part of a decade familiarizing ourselves with vendors and manufacturers, giving them the tush test, knowing what works for the partner that’s 5’ tall but also the one who’s 6’4”. We can show you manufacturers you won’t find on the world wide web, many of whom are “trade only” – meaning you must be a designer or architect.

What if I need contractors?

We have trusted contractors and tradecraftsmen with whom we’ve worked on dozens of projects, but if you have someone you’ve used in the past and would like to use again, by all means.

Do you make money on furniture?

This question comes up a lot. The answer is yes; however, we get wholesale, rather than retail, pricing, so the net cost to our clients is less than they might source on their own.

“No pattern should be without some sort of meaning.” – William Morris

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