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This Is Why We Do What We Do

We really love getting to know our clients and discovering how they live and work, allowing us to make their lives easier and more beautiful. Through the design process, many of our clients have become life-long friends. The discussions we have about what moves them and how they live has become one of my favorite parts of the design process.

Look: we are not saving lives here. But somehow, it still feels important. I can tell you that when I am in a space where there is balance, color harmony, and it feeds my senses in a certain way, I feel my energy and brain waves changes. It’s an intangible tangible. That is what I strive for: providing a space that feels like an expression of yourself you didn’t even know you needed; a space that your family is drawn to, spending time together talking or playing game or watching TV; a room that’s your refuge from the world and that brings you joy.


We’re honored and thrilled to have lovely clients.

And They Really Say It All

Washington, DC

Ed McNulty

What’s so great about working with Erin is how well she curates her ideas for you. She delivered a wide variety of styles — many we would never have found ourselves and were surprised we liked — and then very thoughtfully guided us through the process of whittling down and editing. She found the right pros for the work, the right accessories and other elements to pull everything together, and the result is a look that’s ours — not just Erin’s imposed on our space — and yet one that we could never have accomplished ourselves.

Capitol Hill

Kim Kauffman

I’ve been working with Erin for over a year now and couldn’t be happier! What started as a limited project, slowly became a complete redo of the entire house. From the redesign and gutting of our 1848 Capitol Hill home’s downstairs bathroom/utility closet/family to the new kitchen to the reconfiguration of our previously very limited closets to the stair runner to the master built ins to the gorgeous fabrics to the the amazing wallpaper in our master to the art hall, Erin was the consummate professional. She proved on numerous occasions her creativity and inventiveness. Working in a nearly 200 year old house has many challenges. She met the challenge at every turn. He work is meticulous. Highly recommend Erin!

Washington, D.C.

Reilly Ann Frank

Space conceptualization has never been a strong suit of mine – and I find design execution just overwhelming. Erin was able to draw influence from my disparate tastes and figure out what my style was (I didn’t even know I had one!). The results were stunning! Frankly, I got Elle Decor-type design without Elle Decor costs. During the entire process, Erin helped keep track of all of the details so nothing was ever overwhelming and I had full confidence in the implementation.

Fawn Lake, VA

Anedra Logan

Erin Myers Design provided one of the best professional services experience I have ever had. She listened, offered feedback, and worked hard to accommodate our budget. Her expert experience in interior design enabled me to expand my own ideas and design goals. Erin’s professional recommendations and creative genius gave our family the living space we imagined.

Washington, D.C.

Kathy Stewart

I moved to Fredericksburg from a NYC apartment and realized there was no way I would ever get this house done by myself. In looking for people to help, I saw a picture of a great red bathroom. Erin! I don’t want someone who discusses 50 shades of off white. I want color. (BTW, I suspect that Erin could do a perfect mono-color room if she put her mind to it.) I look around and savor the beauty. One of Erin’s many talents lies in her ability to divine what her clients want. I love everything that she/we have bought. Each item is outstanding on its own and is terrific in its context within the room. She amazes me the way she will take my idea and criterion, give them a wonderful twist and come up with something way, way better than what I had in mind. Erin knows her stuff. She has a good sense of both harmony and drama. My sun room has a wide doorway that opens into the den which opens into the kitchen. Erin has managed to pull all three rooms into a cohesive whole while each room maintains its individual flavor. Erin is a gem to work with.

McLean, VA

Vanessa Barbee

Erin redesigned a sitting area in our master bedroom. She chose a lamp, curtains, chairs, chinoiseries, a table/ottoman that made for a beautiful space that we now use all the time. I told her what my goal was and she made the space both livable and beautiful. I am very pleased with the result.

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